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All work is carried out by Cytech trained mechanics and is warranted for 3 months*. We welcome any workshop queries and strive to deliver the utmost quality. All workshop services require booking in advance. Please contact us if a service you are interested in is not listed below. *Warranty does not cover against abuse or crash damage or general wear and tear.

GEAR SERVICE                                                                 £24

Replace gear cables, degrease chain and cassette, set up gears and test ride 

BRAKE SERVICE                                                               £24

Caliper, cantilever, or v brake service, replace brake cables, check condition of brake pads, lubricate brake pivots 

HYDRAULIC DISC BRAKE SERVICE                               £36

Remove pads, bleed brakes, clean caliper and lever, check seals, re-fit or replace pads, test (per pair) 

CHECK OVER SERVICE                                                   £40

Adjust and set u gears and brakes, check and note condition of bearings, chain wear, brake pad wear, carry out torque check 

YEARLY SERVICE                                                              £80

Brake and gear service, headset and bottom bracket service, torque check, wheel true, wear check 

FULL STRIP DOWN SERVICE                                       £108

Yearly service, wheel bearing service

REPLACING SPOKES/WHEEL TRUING                        £15

Replace broken or damaged spokes, true wheel

WHEEL BUILD                                                                  £30

Wheel building to your specification

NEW SET UP                                                                    £54

Set up a bike purchased from elsewhere 

FITTING COMPONENTS                                                 £24

Fit any components purchased from elsewhere

PUNCTURE REPAIR                                                         £15

Replace tube, find cause of puncture 

Prices exclude parts. Prices include VAT. 

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