iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiits xmas

(November 19, 2010)
Yes, its that time of year again. After last years unforgetable xmas ride, not all for the right reasons, hey Rob, we are once again going to tour Weymouth, on Thursday 16th December.
So book the Friday off work, find some old pile of c__p to ride, or make a prototype such as Robs cycle and sidecar, and if the mood takes you, dress up (Gary) and join us for an evening ride across the town and through Lodmoor, visiting a couple of hostilleries on the way, followed by a meal at the Sea Palace Chinese. Thanks to Russ for booking the restaurant (under his name!)
Please contact us to confirm your attendance, remember you must have ridden with us at least a couple of times this year to qualify!

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