Lost in Dorset Countryside

(September 24, 2009)
We have been notified that during last weeks Thursday evening ride four members of the party were reported 'missing in action'. A search party was sent out, ( Rob mainly) but no further sightings were made.  Obviously the rest of the merry men continued undaunted by the missing four, but later accusations were flying around with blame laid at 2 or 3 of the group, all of whom deny all responsibility. Group leader for the ride, rocket Rob, admitted " hey it wasn't my fault, Jasper was the last through the gate !" Given chance to reply Jasper's reaction was "Get lost!" (I trust this wasn't an intended pun!).
The incident finished on a happy note though, with the missing four being found at the pub on the rest of the groups return. This does beg the question as to whether they did indeed get lost or just hung back so as to make a prompt return to the said public house for more drinking time. Either way the investigation is on going!

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