Robs reign of speed has been kerbed!!

(June 26, 2009)
Bad news, our racing, rocket Rob (also known as mudmuncher Rob!) has been broken. This news totally overshadows the news of Michael Jacksons death and could lead to Rob being out of action for upto 4 weeks. The breakage occurred whilst he was performing an unbelievable manouver on the way to Portland for our Thursday night ride. Rob has arranged a visit to the leading sports recovery clinic to speed up his return and has even got his other half a nurses outfit!!
Our on the scene reporter T.P. gasped as Rob went to ground when trying to leap over what was believed to be a 4" high obsticle ( the actual size has not been verified! ) T.P cried " Christ !!"
We will bring you further breakage news as it happens. Good night and don't have nightmares!

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