The Leg end is back (for one time only !?)

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Thursday 29th October was a momentous day in the history of mountain biking in the Dorset area of the UK. After many previous threats and promises, Mr Mathew Pye, was waiting at the Sunray in Osmington, on his trusty Scott stead, ready for an evening mtb ride.
As one of the original forefathers <BLOG_BREAK>of our weekly homage to our beloved sport Mr Pye was warmly welcomed back into the fold. Looking a little 'retro' in his turn of the century gear, on his Scott Expert Racing, truly a classic, some of the newer riders were seen to be giving admiring, somewhat jealous glances in his direction as we set of on what I had planned to be a particularly hilly ride in Matts honour.
Matts overzealous attempts to impress everyone at the beginning of the ride maybe ran a bit beyond his ability, as he seemed to forget that the last time he rode in the dark on some slightly technical trails, Margaret Thatcher was at her prime and dayglo colours were in for the first time round !
Still he provided a good old bit of pure 'Mr Pye' entertainment with a series of 4 (or was it indeed 5) amusing accidents or incidents within the first mile. Truely a new record and deserving of 'the crasher of the week award'.
As the ride went on Matt realised that he would need to up his stamina if he wanted to maintain his place at the head of the group, but he did amazingly well considering how long he has been off his bike and on the wine. ( Wine due to the class of friends and associates he mixes with, some would call it a girls drink, not me obviously. )  
The ride was a good one, the conditions were good, strangely warm for the time of year, although this could be put down to the sheer excitement of a very rare appearance by Mr Pye. We were all very impressed and pleased to see him back, we will see if it was a 'one off' appearance. Lets hope not!!

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