A hero....or madman inour midst!

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I thought I should make you all aware, if you don't know already, that we have, riding amongst us, a crazy man! Some class him as a hero, he certainly deserves that label, some call him mad, but we all have our own 'issues'. The fact that he can walk without looking like he has some rare anal desease is an inspiration to us all.
Whatever you think, you must admire someone who can ride his bike for more than 13 hours (consecutively) and cover the amazing distance of over 200 miles in one ride. 207.9 to be precise!
So well done Dynamo Dan for riding the distance in one go that most of us dream about completing in a week. Strava has a lot to answer for but it really does drive us on to achieve tasks we previously would not of dreamed of!
The only issue now is Dan has set himself a new target to beat. 4 hour rides and long audax's are a mere moment away!

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  1. Sad Old Git

    I took part in the national 12hour over Ringwood in 96. The winner, the amazing Andy Wilkinson of Port Sunlight Wheelers completed yards over 300 MILES!! That is 12 consecutive sub hour 25s. I did 220 miles on the day and I was pleased with that

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  2. jason

    fair play to you dan,13 hours on the bike i would end up falling out with my self,plus i dont know what state my ass would be in,endup walking like john wayne ye ha

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