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Thinking back, which, those of you that know me, takes a lot of effort and time, I don't think we cancelled one of our Thursday evening  mtb rides last year even through the winter. This year on the other hand, we have had to call off three rides due to the cracking uk weather. Where has all that talk of global warming gone and was it only 6 months ago they were saying that we were going to have terrible droughts this year, unless it rains every day!
Anyway, due to previously having to spend a couple of Thursday evenings in, being subjected to shouting and crying on Eastenders, I was determind to go for a ride this week despite the forecast of strong winds and rain. As it turns out there were only 4 others who were desperate to get out, although that did include the return of Mr Pye to our fold. Being one of the original Thursday night mountain bikers it was good to see him back, especially still wearing the same gear he did 10 years ago, (it will come back into fashion soon) and telling the same dirty jokes. (still funny!)
So we set out in light rain and strengthening winds and found the going predictively 'slippery'. Mark tested the ground conditions out, up close and personnal like, and confirmed the ground to be 'some of the worst conditions we had ever ridden in'.
Still, could be worse....and soon it was. After nearly loosing two of our group through the first wood, due to a stick in the rear mech of Kevs bike, it turned out the stick had done slightly more damage than first thought as the rear mech decided to seperate into two halves as soon as Kev tried to change gear. So, a terminal issue sent Kev scooting back to the pub leaving me replacing my tube due to a front wheel puncture.
Three miles later, a total of five miles into our ride, Mark announced he now had a puncture. A choice to either pump it up or change the tube was considered but it was decided it would be better to repair or replace the tube. Now usually this is not a huge problem as experienced equipped mountain bikers always ensure they carry a spare tube and patches. Mark can definately be considered as an experienced mtb'er, or so we thought!  No tube, or patches, but still papa smurf must be carrying a spare, but patches... yes. Great, find the hole, which happened to be the smallest hole possible, rough up the tube and apply the 'Lidl's own' self adhesive patch. There, done. It was working fine...well until Mark tried to put some air in the repaired tube. It was then that we relised that the adhesive on the Lidl self adhesive patch must have been applied with a Pritt stick! Pump it up quick, we suggested as then the patch would be kept on by pushing up against the inside of the tyre....really, the cold wet windy weather must have been playing with our minds.
So the only option was for the remaining three to get back to the pub and get the 'recovery' van. So we rode off, leaving Mark to find his way to the road whilst being watched by dozens of eyes in the trees. Rob would never have survived! Just to top everything off a mile and a half from the pub in Bere Regis, Matt had a puncture..great.
So no, the great British weather will not defeat us...but the broken mech and three punctures pretty much finished us off!  Never a true'r word has been said than that of my old Scout master...'be prepared!'
The moral of the story...always carry at least one spare tube, which, just in case you wern't aware, we sell in the shops at a very resonable £5 each.

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