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Sorry I haven't 'blogged' for a while and this is only going to be a quick catch up.
A few points I have learnt over the last couple of months that may be of help to you at some point in the future.
1. Don't ask <BLOG_BREAK>Rob for an accurate weather forecast.
I've heard of people having rose tinted glasses on but I think Robs' glasses must be slightly steamed up due to the Roses as when asked "has it rained there today?" the simple but most importantly true answer would be "Yes!".
But no, Rob doesn't believe you can class heavy rain throughout the day as a sufficient excuse not to ride, and so 6 of us were duped into riding on a damp (to say the least) evening. Although it has to be said it did turn out to be a great ride.
2. Don't ask Rob to make up a route.
Sorry Rob to have another dig, but really, riding to Bridport and back on a not particularly pleasant evening isn't many peoples idea of fun. We did find some good new tracks and had a laugh but it would have been better on a sunny Sunday afternoon!
3. Don't ride near the front of the group or next to Scott!
It is dawning on me that riding near the front of the group, which only normally happens because I'm the only one who knows which way we are going, means you do miss out on alot of the action. On one particular ride, not long ago, due to a lot of due on the ground I missed out on seeing a number of crashes and incidents. Due to the fact I have to update the 'crasher of the week' I think its only fair that if you are going to fall off you should do it in full view of everyone. I also don't think its fair game to try and drag someone else into one of your crashes , Scott, as trying to break your fall by grabbing my arm is not in the rule book!!
4. Realise your limits!
When you enter an enduro mtb event and Dangerous Dan is one of your fellow riders don't be lured into a false sense of possible achievement by the fact that Dan partakes in a regular and plentiful consumption of alcohol and nicotine. Even if the day before the event he has trouble with speech or movement in general, he is still likely to kill you on a 12 mile road section if you are thick enough like me, to try and keep up.
I must mention that Dan finished a superb 87th in the Isle of Man end to end race with myself 118th which I was quite chuffed about, out of 860ish finishers. I can really recommend this event as one you should try and do if you can spare the time (and money) as it is superbly organised and set on what I thought was a stunning island. (I think the weather gods were shinning on us though)
Congratulations also to Rob who retained his 'Dorset Dirt title' this year despite having to help Paul find his way around the route. Imagine that, Rob helping someone find their way, incredible!
There is much more to report and I will report back soon!

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