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I know, I've been very lapse, no ride reports, if it makes you feel any better I am feeling very guilty.
Anyway enough of that bo---cks, a quick catch up.
We've had a couple of pretty good rides, the routes are in the club page. No real dramas to speak of, a couple of crashes <BLOG_BREAK>that were so poor they don't warrant a description or score!
Rob returned, the same day as having his cast removed, and promptly beat us all up the hills. No change there then, I just wish I hadn't lent him my cycle trainer, I knew it was a silly idea.
Dangerous Dan tried to get in on the 'breaking bones' act by having an intimate moment with a badger! Apparently he was returning from an evening out and was flat out down a hill when a badger ran out from the hedge. Hitting it square on Dan's bike stopped, Dan didn't. An 'I can flyyy!' moment later he ended up landing on his shoulder, luckily no broken bones but very sore, you could say he felt 'as rough as a badgers arse!' (sorry couldn't resist). Now the badger hasn't been seen since and knowing what Dans' night outs usually consist of we are still left wondering if this was an elaborate excuse for a drunken trip over a 'curb'. So if anyone spots a badger with a Michelin Dry 2 tyre inprint in its side please let us know!
A couple of weeks ago I went to Morzine in the French Alps and enjoyed some great riding and some hot dry weather. After a couple runs settling in I had a great time and am now a true 'downhill riding god'. Well in my eyes maybe! I keep reminding people the fastest way is to keep your wheels in contact with the ground at all times! We may well be running a chalet over there next year so let us know if your interested in experiencing some superb mountain biking or fancy a go at the Tour de France climbs on a road bike!
So thats it your pretty much up to date, i'll try to be more regular in my postings. 

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