We're all off to Mayhem!

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Well Thursday evenings ride was another good'n but fortunately, or unfortunately maybe, we didn't have a lot of incidents to report.
Even Russ's usual attempt to give me a crash to write about was a very lame performance and just to punish him, I'm not going to even register it on 'crasher of the week'. That'll learn you Russ, please try harder!
But still we are all getting ready for the annual pilgramage that is Mountain Mayhem. I'm making 3 hourly visits to every weather website possible until I find one that tells me its not going to rain! 
The team issues have been sorted, Jaspers in, our secret weapon Paul has sworn his allegence and we are all set for a truly painful but fun(hopefully) weekend. Check back next week for the review and results of how we did. (Hope you have a good weekend at home Mark, maybe next year!)

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