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Sometimes we all need, or more importantly want, some new kit to either give ourselves a boost when we're not feeling so good or even to improve our performance and shave a couple of seconds off a lap time, which is exactly what Rocket Rob was looking for when he decided he needed some new shoes. At least I think thats what he was after, I can't believe he was just getting new footwear to make a fashion statement! Strange then, that on arrival at the car park of the Sunray in Osmington, I handed over the cleats I had been asked to bring and watched in what must be pure jealousy (or not) as Rob fixed the aforementioned cleats to the bottom of a pair of £250 Sidi Dragon shoes, in white!
Many were heard to ask for sun glasses or simply averted their eyes as the beautiful early summer sun glinted off the pure white virginal race shoes. Wow!!
Anyway we started the ride, all 16 of us, and enjoyed a steady climb round to the top of the White Horse and then made a fast descent towards Sutton Poyntz before diverting sharp right along a great bit of single 'goat' track. This was well received until we realised the climb back out was one that had us all down to the granny ring puffing like chain smokers, apart from, that is, Rob (it must be the shoes) and Dan, the only actual smoker in the group!
Much to Faggy's pleasure, the route looped back to a point about 100yards away from the top of the initial descent and then took us to the top of Coombe Valley Road and right, down another new (to us) section of single track and fast flowing tracks to Came. Round the bottom of Dorchester, through West Stafford and back towards Broadmayne, we were all having a great time taking in some superb tracks and sucking in the stunning weather.
A short stop to allow Pete to pull up his 'anti-stinger' socks (towny) and then onward down more hills and on to the only wet point of the ride, which Rob took at a slower than usual pace with his feet sometimes high above his pedals.
A couple of climbs later and we were just below White Nothe looking forward to another superb downhill with all sorts of technical sections and fast flowing tracks. But before this we gathered at the top of the hill after a steady climb and flat section of table tops, over which I had been laying the bike flat, sometimes one handed, although unfortunately nobody was able to substantiate my claims, some even sugested I was exaggerating! I never exaggerate, ever, ever.!
The ride was excellent, with all the ingredients that produce one to remember, warm sunshine, dry trails, variety of terrain to suit every taste. Yet even after the ride and all its treats no one could stop themselves admiring Robs new shoooes!
Start point - The Sunray, Osmington
Weather - Warm, dry sunshine
Route - Includes everything, a great summer evening ride with testing climbs, fast descents, technical sections and more.
Overall - 9.5 /10 (this will be tough to beat!)
Myself and Aaron would like to take this opportunity to 'fess up' and come clean about jumping the lights in King street and apologize to the Lady of the law who kindly reminded us that the lights apply to us cyclists as well! Its a fair cop!!

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  1. Aarron

    In my defence i could still see white shoe shaped spots in front of me and must have missed the colour of the lights changing. Honest!!!!!

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  2. Faggy

    At that price you'd wanna look good in 'em would'nt you. You should of kept 'em clean for Saturday night Rob. Thanks must go to Andy for producing consistantly good rides for some considerable months now. (even with the sily loops of up and down to end 100m from where we were, completely unnecessary) Thanks Andy.

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