An epic of epic proportions!!

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So maybe I'm getting a bit carried away with my route making, 22miles incorporating 2650ft of ascending was perhaps a little adventurous for a Thursday evening ride!
But still we started well with a nice bit of road warm up, (timetrial Chris would have loved it!) then straight into a 'stinger' climb that had me glad I'd opted for the tights, due to the inclement weather. At the top of the climb we had a slight pause for the unusual sight of Faggy being the last to the top. On arrival we all noticed the blood on his leg and were quick to point out that if he is going to fall off at least have the decency to do it in front of everyone! (a very weak attempt to get onto the crasher ranks).
Apart from the quantity of climbing the other thing that made the ride into an epic was the small mechanicals that occurred. Firstly Dan picked up his first puncture on the new race steed, whilst alone holding the gate open at the top of a great descent. Obviously no one heard his calls for help once we had started the downhill, or at least no one admitted to hearing him, so he was left to fix it himself.
Then a snapped chain and another puncture later we reached the bottom of the climb upto Bulbarrow hill.
The first section of this monster climb was almost scenic and enjoyable but we soon realised we were going to pay for this further up the hill. Coming through a gate we were faced with a track leading us straight up a very steep grassy climb. Everyone spread out with their own ideas of how to attack the climb. I decided the old zig and zag method was preferrable and found it to be working, to a degree, but on one of the switch backs was surprised to look back down the hill and see Faggy and others actually further down the hill than where we started! I then turned back to the top of the hill to see racing Rob going straight up the hill, head on, in middle ring, he's not human!
Garath produced another unseen crash, on a flat fast track! and time was going on with the inconceivable thought that we wouldn't make it back to the pub before closing time. So a route re-working was made and we all raced back along an undulating road which, despite a couple of lapses in sense of direction, got us back to the pub at 10.40pm. Phew, just in time!
Start - The European, Piddletrenthide
Route - Good, varied, hilly! Would be good on nice sunny day with plenty of spare time!
Weather - Had rained all day, but was dry and calm during ride.
Overall - 7/10   

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