Pretty good, slightly bad and downright ugly !

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Pretty good! The route was pretty good, some new trails that made an impression. A great section of single track downhill, some stunning 'proper' Dorset villages and I believe everyone enjoyed the ride.
Slightly bad! One of the new trails was not in the best condition due, it seems, to it also being a popular trail with the local cattle possy! Such a shame as it could be a great technical climb, still we made it up and it was only a short obsticle. A small price to pay for the downhill into it and the amazing scenery.
Downright ugly! After a late start, mosly due to timetrial Chris fettling his various steeds, we climbed upto Hardys monument in a slight breeze and a misty rain, then took a track running along a ridge, protected by a hedgerow on our left. This was until the hedge stopped and we had to cross a field diagonally. Riding out across the field the breeze had turned into a force 10 gale (although I have been known to exagerrate) and the misty rain was now a horizontal downpour. By the time we had crossed the field the left side of my face was numb while the right side of me was completely dry. Strange!
What made it even weirder was that only half an hour later we were treated to a stunning sunset over the great Dorset countryside. It just goes to show how lucky we are to have such a range of great riding, scenery, and weather conditions, on our doorstep!
Possibly due to Russ and Jasper's non attendance we had a fairly uneventful ride although Marks little liedown in the stingers and Michelle's step off over the bars, kept our 'crash a ride' record going.
A mention must also go to a welcome gueststar appearance by T.P, even it it was just for the first few miles. Your going to have to work on your staying power, Paul, if you want to reach the top!! Hope to see you again soon.
Start - The Brewers Arms, Martinstown
Route - Varied, mostly good traditional cross country taking you through some great scenery and traditional Dorset villages.
Weather - Started damp and windy, finished dry and warm!
Overall - 7.5 / 10

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    Did Paul ride then? I didn't see him after the pub car park! good ride despite the weather

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