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After last weeks little mishap involving the 'misplacing' of Jasper on the ride back to the pub, he was going to ensure that this weeks ride was all about him!
We began this route in the uncomfortable position of never having ridden most of the tracks and therefore were in the hands of my Garmin GPS. Having loaded up the route I managed to find it on the machine and we began the ride.
After a short climb out of Bere Regis we found the first trail which was a great bit of singletrack that was slippery but not too bad considering the days rainfall. We all managed to stay upright, despite the majority of us now using fast summer ( no grip ) tyres due to the recent good weather. We reached a short road section which my Garmin seemed to have decided we needed to take as we had been far enough and directed me back toward the pub! I saw past this little ploy and re-calculated to get us back on track. After this first incident the GPS behaved impecably and we followed the route on screen. All was going well with a variety of tracks but we came unstuck for the second time when a bridge seemed to be 'missing'! We looked for the secret bridge activation device, but found none and so we detored around the obsticle and rejoined the initial route.
After a long fast flat section through Wareham forest, we decided we knew best and thought the GPS was taking us away from our objective. So a route alteration was made and we climbed what can only be described as a sand dune hill. Although he deemed it not to qualify I must mention that Rob had a slight SPD moment and took a lie down. He blamed this on the pedals being too tight which must have been for the race he did the previous weekend. We all thought this a poor excuse and believe he had actually spotted a huge wild cat and was ducking for cover! Anyway at the top of the hill we turned right into the wood and spotted a good looking piece of single track. It seemed to be going in roughly the right direction so we tried it. After about 10 minutes of absolutley superb singletrack we were stopped by Jaspers first problem. Too much power (so he said) had caused the chain to snap and so once we had rejoined the chain we were off again. More great singletrack followed and we managed to end up back on course!
The rest of the ride was fairly flat and fast and we trusted the GPS to do its job and it worked brilliantlly.
All was going well and we were making good progress untill Jasper again took centre stage. He managed to find another 'Vicar of Dibley' puddle on a flat track which sent him flying over the bars and to a gravelly resting place. Dazed and confused by what had happened he rejoined the pack proud to be the newest member of 'Crasher of the week'. (look out Russ you have a challenger!)
A superb ride with a huge variety of tracks and some great singletrack. We will be back!!

Start ; The Royal Oak, Bere Regis.
Weather ; Had rained all day, but dry during ride, quite warm.
Route ; Bit of everything, superb sections of flowing singletrack.
Overall ; 9/10

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  1. Jasper

    Sorry not meaning to take centre stage ;-) and as you can guess would prefer not to with my scabby elbow and purple thigh. Still no real pain and out on the bike again on Saturday.

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