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When planning the ride for this weeks ride I thought I may have been a bit ambitious planning a route of over 26 miles! But as it turned out, thanks to the good weather, hard ground conditions and obviously our superior fitness (and lack of rocket rob slowing us up!) we got round, practically unscaved, well almost.
First thing to mention is that Russ was first to the pub,(he asked me to mention that, I did say first to the pub, not the bar!) We had already had a puncture on the way to the pub, which didn't bode well, but after a slightly late start time we got to the first descent, and the only dismount of the ride, which I'm assured was quite funny being a slow motion over the bars moment. We are all very polite as it seems we are all taking it in turns to fall off, which we are all surprised about, not least Russ!
The rest of the ride was fast and great with some dusty descents, great sections of long flat singletracks that you didn't want to end!
Timmy found the going a little tough and gave up a brave attempt to carry on and took the road route home, obviously not enough weetabix that morning, give 7 a go!
Jasper was welcomed back to the fold after is vacation in the US of A and Canada, and after his obligatory puncture we started the final push for the pub. I must take this opportunity to apologize to Jasper as after getting back to the pub, having a chat, getting the first pint in, he was spotted passing the window outside, oopps. His chain had jumped off and by the time it had been re-fitted everyone had gone leaving Jasper to find his way back. This is the first time this has happened and we are very sorry, but the smell of the beer drew us in.
Anyway another good ride but next week will be a bit shorter and slower, we have most definately peaked! Come back Rob!
Start point; The Ship, Upwey.
weather; dry, warm, great ( its bound to break soon!)
route; 26miles, a few climbs to start and finish, a fairly flat middle and some great descents.
overall 8.5/10

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  1. Aarron

    Sorry Jasper I thought you were ahead of me and that I was the last one! Tim try a cushion instead of weetabix on that bike LOL ;+)

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