April 16th Ride from Portesham.

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This was always going to be a bit of a testing ride as most people know if you start from Portesham you are most likely going to go upwards.
And so we did, a new way, inspired by rocket Rob,(we should have known!) The first climb was, as it turned out, not so bad. It was quite technical and steep in places but everyone managed. A fast grassy descent was the award following this climb but the descent itself led to what turned out to be the harder climb up from Abbottsbury. Still, again we all got up, each with different opinions of the climb, some I could not repeat!!
Much to stuntmeister Faggs annoyance we came out about 100yards further up the road from the end of the first climb, but as we all know 'no pain no gain'!
Another excellent long varied descent followed by an equally long climb spat us out on the inland coast path which we followed towards West Bexington.
Then came the inevitable, Russ treated us to a lesson in descending down a rough, very dodgy track. He came past me, doing a very good impression of someone out of control, and soon after the sound of metal and skin against hard ground was heard by all. Without seeing the crash we all guessed that it was possibly, no propably Russ. I was first to him, concerned we may have some kind of breakage, to the bike or Russ, but was amazed to see him remounting and continuing his descent, it was almost like he is used to crashing !!
So we all got back to the pub in one piece after enjoying another good ride. We have been very lucky so far with the weather and ground conditions, long may it continue!
Start; Kings Arms, Portesham
Route; Varied terrain, 3 big climbs, 2400 ft of climbing, 3 great downhills.
Weather; clear, warm
Overall; 8/10

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