Purbecks Easter Sunday Ride

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The weather was good, the descents were great, the entertainment was worth every penny, but we paid for it with the climbs.
We knew this was going to be a good one when we awoke to sunshine and Scott arrived covered in mud and with a graze on his knee! This was before we had got on our bikes, apparently he had hit a submerged tree stump through some singletrack on the way to us from his car. Nurse Rob cleaned the wound with some wet wipes and we started the ride.
After meeting up with Gary we started the route we had taken from a book of great dorset rides. I don't know if I had read the book upside down but we seemed to do a lot of climbing to begin with to which I was told each climb was a great descent and that usually the route was done the other way round!
Anyway we got to Swyre Head and took in the amazing viewspurbeck2
Thanks to Gary for modelling,( I believe he is available for functions and bar-mitsfa's).
The climbing all became worthwhile and we did some great descents, some fast, some technical.
After coming back through Corfe and up onto Brenscombe Hill we found a great rooty descent down to the Studland road and then carried on across into Newton Heath where Gary treated us to a slow motion 'over the bars' moment landing in a large wet muddy puddle. The obvious first response was for us to fall about laughing followed later by 'are you ok'. We are such a caring group. But he was ok and you may be able to see from the next picture that he managed to semi submerge his front wheel in another innocent looking 'vicar of Dibley' puddle.
purbeck3 Still a great ride was had by all and we will certainly be returning to the Purbecks soon.

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