I've joined the crashing ranks !

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Yes, I've done it, I've crashed, purely for your entertainment. I can't say I'm proud, it was a pretty pathetic crash.
We had had a great ride around Portland for our usual Sunday morning outing and all was going well. We decided on a new way to descend the island and that was the start of the problem. We found a nice little technical drop which a couple of quite sensible people avoided but not one to shirk a challenge ( yeh right! ) I decided to attempt it. I actually made the real tricky part and it was only the transition from slope to flat that caught me out!
The front wheel dug in and it spat me over the bars in a kind of slow motion pathetic get off kind of way. After getting over the initial cheers and jeers I got up to find my front wheel had turned into a kind of crisp shape. This required a bit of brutal fixing using a rock and all of my weight which got it just straight enough to fit through the forks.
So there we go, I'm now a member of the crash club, as they say 'If you don't crash you're not going fast enough!!'

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