Thursday night ride 2nd April

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This one had a bit of everything, climbs, fast descents, technical singletrack, amazing scenery, cow s__t, sheep s__t and even a section of limbo practice !
A route like this reminds us of what lucky people we are living, as we do, on the Jurrasic coast. The first
third of the ride takes us along the inland coast path towards Lulworth Cove, which makes the most of the extended daylight hours with some superb views. The ground was rock hard, as if it was the end of the summer, and we even had a few dust issues, although this is a problem we don't mind in April !
The only down side of the ride was the fallen trees along one of the best bits of single track, but this did give us the pre-mentioned limbo practice. We must try to remember when ducking under low branches that we have lights on our heads and camelbaks on our back, although we soon remembered!
The outgoing 'crasher of the week' did his best to encourage others to join the crashing ranks but we all managed to stay upright, all except Jamie. He seemed to find it difficult to restart after going through a gate and performed a very ungraceful dismount in full view of the group.
A highly recommended ride with a full variety of terrain best enjoyed on a sunny summers evening. This one tops the list so far.
Start; The Smugglers, Osmington
Weather; Dry, sunny, a bit misty
Route; Varied, a bit of everything.
Overall; 9/10
nb route contains a couple of sections of footpaths so be aware of other users.

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