Thursday ride 26th March

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We found the hills again! After last weeks fast but fairly flat ride we were all reminded that Dorset isn't a flat county and included four challenging climbs in another good ride. The conditions were almost summer like with a shower earlier in the day helping to keep the dust down! The best thing about the 'ups' is the following 'downs' and we certainly made the most of some really good downhills. Not to many incidents although 'creaky Pete' did kindly give me something to mention with his 'I was just taking a rest' incident near the end of the ride. Thanks Pete! I think maybe we should all measure our bar widths as well so as not to go flying into narrowing paths only to stop suddenly with the assistance of the odd hedge. No names need be mentioned, (other than Jasper!)
Anyway a very good route and ride.
Start point ; The Saxon Arms, Stratton
Date; 26th March 2009
Route ; Hilly, nearly 2000ft of climbing. but some great descents, route could be shortened easily if needed.
Weather ; Clear , dry
Overall ; 8/10
See you next week!

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