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As I missed out on riding on Sunday, due to Mothers day duties, I thought I would take the opportunity to get in a spot of sneaky training today. The sun was out, not much wind and a long road ride was in the offing. So I kitted up in my new custom fit shimano road shoes, very comfortable but not quite as subtle as I'd hoped and planned my route to take in Abbottsbury hill, as i haven't conquered that one yet. I took out the Wilier Izoard test bike, which was superb. It is very smooth, alot faster than I am and as a bonus stunning to look at! The only thing I think I would change would be the cassette, the 13 - 26 campag block wasn't great for flat or downhill, although it did keep my cadence up! I must say my initial reservations over campag gearing were quite quickly allayed and I found it performed flawlessly over the ride.
Anyway, enough of my mini bike test, my sneaky training session was rumbled. Having just ridden to the top of Eggedon hill I was enjoying the fast road back towards Winterbourne Abbas when I met 'Rocket Rob' in his work van. My secret was out, but I still enjoyed the ride which turned out to be 37 miles long and took me about 2 hours 20 mins. I will put the route on the club page for anyone whose interested. 

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