Thursday night ride 19th March

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It was a quick one, which meant only one thing, an early visit to the pub!! The route was undulating with not to much climbing but with some nice, fast, flowing singletrack, ideal. A good number of riders could have meant a few mechanicals but as it turned out we only had one incident, but one well worth mentioning!
A spectacular get off by stunt meister Mark Fagg !!
Unfortunately he gave no pre warning and therefore no camaras were present. He even turned down a quick reinactment so that we could preserve this occasion for future generations, how selfish !! It must be said Tim may have had a helping hand in creating  the 'fender bender' so well done there. (what goes around comes around!)
Anyway I think we all enjjoyed the ride.
Weather; dry, settled, a little chilly.
Conditions; Generally good, some wet sandy places
Route; good, fast, a little 'gorsy' or 'sharp' in places. Some short sections of road.
Overall 7.5/10
See you next time.

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