Don't let the weather get you down!

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Despite the great British weather doing it's very best to stop us and everyone else from riding bikes at the moment, we are yet to be defeated and have been out on our mountain bikes every Thursday for a number of years.
Now I can't claim to have been the most<BLOG_BREAK> determined to go out every week, especially this week just gone, I must say those who have persuaded us to go out have been right very week. (so far!) There is something to be said for riding down through a field with a top layer of 2" of 'mush' at high speed without any kind of control whatsoever! Just lean back and hold on, eyes open, or closed, it doesn't really matter. The added bonus is that if it does go slightly 'pear shaped' the ground is soft so  it won't hurt, although Alis' bruises would maybe go against this idea!
From water logged fields to ridges where you ride at 45 degrees just to remain upright and when lifting the bikes over gates they almost take you into a completely different extreme sport, that of paragliding!
It's got to be said that it is these totally differing weather conditions that go towards making mountain biking such a great sport as whether you're out in 2 foot of snow, hard packed ice, wind and rain or on dusty sun drenched trails (these seem like a distant memory!) the routes we ride change massively with the weather so offering a different 'experience' on every ride.
So thanks to G, Matt, Chris and any others that keep us riding despite our sometimes lack of conviction. Don't miss out, we've had some great rides over the last few weeks and will continue to beat back the weather whatever it throws at us, well maybe!

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